As our reputation is based solely on our client satisfaction, our primary goal is to provide a quality, customer service orientated construction company. We accomplish this by maintaining many policies, the most prevalent listed below.

1. QUALITY CONTROL: A question we are frequently asked, "will you actually be on the job site during construction" Absolutely! Through out the entire project Ed Berg will be at the project site on a regular and/or daily basis. Whether he is providing some aspects of the construction process himself or supervising other subcontractors, he will personally be monitoring your project at all times. Communication is the key to a successful, smooth operation. All projects have small changes along the way, to ensure those changes are accounted for we do not defer the responsibility of a job site forman to others. To ensure quality control and personalized attention, we limit the number of projects we commit to each year.

2. CONTRACTS: To ensure complete understanding of all materials to be included in the contract price, we utilize a comprehensive contract including a detailed list of specifications. To ensure the accuracy of a bid we submit to you on a new project, we literally build the home from ground up and include all material and labor costs necessary to complete the home. Our contracts protect your interests by guaranteeing the finished costs of the home will not exceed the original contract price. When bidding a project, we put as many items on an allowance basis as possible. Allowance items such as appliances, lighting fixtures, carpeting, tile, etc. have an agreed upon dollar amount which you can spend at your discretion. If you find what you want for less than the dollar budget, you reduce your completed building costs by that amount.

3. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: To be assured you receive quality workmanship and materials incorporated into your project, we utilize the services of subcontractors (professionals in their trade) rather than in house employees. As subcontractors provide a specialized, professional service (plumbing, electrical, drywall, etc.) their working knowledge of their profession allows our clients the best possible products and installations at a cost effective price. In addition to our "builders" guarantee of your home, all our subcontractors guarantee both their workmanship and materials included in the project for a period of one year. We, as a building company, reduce our construction costs by limiting our overhead costs of payroll and "Workman's Compensation", thereby ultimately reducing your costs of construction.

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